Google Home Competing with Amazon Echo to Become Your Smart Assistant


Google Home Competing with Amazon Echo to Become Your Smart Assistant

Wednesday, Google announced it wants to bring a smart personal assistant into your home with its new product, Google Home. This puts it in direct competition with Amazon’s existing assistant, Amazon Echo, which pioneered the industry when it launched a year and a half ago. Now both companies want to provide a device for your home that can do anything from answering your search queries, to being your shopping assistant, to switching your lights on and off.

But while Google Home is reaching the market second to Amazon Echo, Chief Executive Sundar Pichai showed us at Google I/O the device will come with some hard-hitting features that could give the Echo a run for its money.  Both companies are in strong comparison in terms of stock performance, and this has led many investors to consider NASDAQ positions in CFD trading as an alternative to single-stock investments.

Physical Design

First and foremost, we have to give credit to Google Home’s physical design. It wasn’t lost on the company that they needed to put extra effort into a device people would put inside their homes alongside the rest of their decor. As opposed to the monolithic all-black cylinder of Amazon Echo, Google Home looks more like a chubby salt shaker. The top half is white while the base can be replaced with a color of your choosing. Designers were aiming for a more subdued look that blends into the home better.

Next, Google Home promises to match Amazon Echo in search capabilities, even bringing an ability to converse almost naturally with the user, which the Echo is not as great at. But where Google Home really wants to stand out is as your primary speaker. Leveraging the existing Google ecosystem, the device will connect to Google Cast so it can play your favorite songs. Google Home will also integrate with Youtube and Chromecast and won’t just accept commands to play shows but will also have the ability to suggest things to watch.

Special Features

But that’s not to say Amazon Echo will go down easily. The product comes with a myriad of third-party partnerships which make it so indispensable to users today. You can call an Uber from Amazon Echo or order from Domino’s Pizza. And of course, the device comes with seamless integration to for all your shopping needs. As of yet, we’re not sure what kind of third-party partnerships Google Home will come with.

Also, there’s something to be said for the fact that Amazon Echo was first to market and has sold an estimated 3 million units so far. The only reason why Google Home is entering the race now is because of Amazon’s success.  We know Google Home’s launch date is set for some time in the fall but we have yet to learn how much it’ll cost. We’ll have to wait to then to find out whether Google can give us a second-to-market product that poses a real threat for its predecessor.

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